Seek out people conversation. Автор Юрьева Марина

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Автор Юрьева МаринаNowadays in the XXI century we live in a perfect world. We have practically everything we need but our mind is insatiable. We try to learn the riddles of nature, the mysteries of the Universe. Even the ancient people wanted to realize different processions held around them. They didn’t understand why water tuned into ice, why birds fly, why the weather could be changeable. However people have always tried to learn it, they have explored lands, studied and developed their mind. Now people are different, they have changed but their aspiration to learn the world will never die. Every year scientists open something new, unusual and important for everyone.

Unfortunately we don’t know many of these people who are changing the world and making our life easier now but they all will stay in history, their names will become immortal and their discoveries eternal. Without any doubts each person leaves something special in the world. But not all of them become well-known.

Some centuries ago, even some years ago the church and the government forbade investigations. Lots of scientists were killed or sent into prison for their researches. But some of them struggled… and won. After that they became famous and their country powerful. Nowadays we are free and independent and we still want to open new theories, develop the world and make it better. It’s our essence. We have always been curious and determined. I mean people in the whole world. I think each person is wonderful, each life is invaluable and each soul is noble. When people open something new they don’t think about themselves, they take care of our future and future generations. To my mind these people are special, their hearts and souls are very kind and their thoughts are always clean.

People changed. They became reasonable and they started to understand things which had been strange for them before. But they wanted to know more and more and that’s why they have always explored the world. At first our ancestors examined the nature, plants, rivers and oceans. They explored our planet and opened new continents, islands and currents. We all know the names of Christopher Columbus who discovered North America in 1492, James Cock who made three famous expeditions: in 1768 – 1771 he explored Taito and New Zealand, in 1772 – 17755 – the south part of the Pacific Ocean and marked the Siberian part of Asia and in 1778 he opened Hawaii. Many Russian explorers left their names in history. One of them was Ivan Kruzenshtern who made round-the world voyage and was awarded the medal of the Geographical Society.

It was Nicolay Copernick who in 1510 made a major breakthrough in proving that the Earth is round and that the sun is the center of the sun system. After that scientists could explain lots of things held on the Earth. Up to the XVIII century people investigated only the surface of the planet but in 1783 on 21st November the Mongolflier brothers flew in the first hot-ear balloon. People started to explore the air space. Later Jacques Gamerin made the first jump with a parachute in 1797 in France. Orville Wright made the first

flight on an air plane on 17th December in 1903. The plane was called Flyer I. It was in the air for 12 sec. And on 13th November 1907 Paul Cornu made the first flight in a helicopter. He was in the air for 20 sec. As we can see people started to explore not only the Earth but they strived for learning what was there, beyond our planet, in space. Due to it on 12th April in 1961 the Russian cosmonaut Yuriy Gagarin made the first trip to space on a spaceship «Vostok». He was in space for an hour and 49 minutes and became a hero of the whole world; he was awarded many foreign rewards. But his biggest contribution was that he opened a road to space for people. Yuriy Gagarin proved that a man is very strong and powerful; he can achieve everything he wants if he is a real person.

As we know people started to explore the world from the nearest paces to them. Each step was hard nevertheless their characters were stronger than their fears and that's why they could cope with all difficulties. The first discoveries were the most important because they were the foundations of the whole world. But you can't build a house without a foundation. Other explorations were based on previous. The knowledge of people became deeper but they have always wanted to know more and they have always worked hard to achieve it. People started to build a bridge between their own world and the world of science since the birth of the first human being and from year to year it has become wider and more reliable. Every generation of talented people build it. Their discoveries were like bricks of this bridge. While people live it won't be destroyed.

Many people can compare this process with the growth of a tree – a huge and strong oak. At first it was a small and weak plant but through centuries it has become bigger and stronger. People from different parts of the world have raised it. Their discoveries have become its roots, their victories – its branches, their names – its leaves. Many centuries running the oak has grown higher, it has raised its branches to the sky from the earth and at least it could reach space. It was so because of courage, tendency and labour of many people. Nowadays people from the whole world continue their work. Every day the oak’s roots are becoming longer and knowledge of people – deeper. Every person leaves his name in history, each day is a special holiday for everyone because every minute somewhere on the Earth appears something new and very important – a new life that will build a new bridge and will grow a new oak.